The Green & Energy Consulting Experts

Why green consulting?

The benefits you could reap from engaging a green consultant

Cost savings

Enhanced energy efficiency and minimized waste, resulting in higher cost savings over time

Higher ROI

Our simulations allow you to project energy usage and savings before deciding to invest in green technology

Competitive Advantage

Be able to attract and tap into new markets of green-conscious customers

Enhanced Reputation

Build your brand reputation and image through achieving green certification

Why work with us?

We are the leading experts in the energy and green consulting industry in Malaysia, with Gold and Platinum-level certified projects under our belt. We uphold these values across all the projects that we take up.
  • Excellence

    Always delivering the best, most innovative designs and recommending viable, cost-effective solutions that meet clients’ needs

  • Timeliness

    Continuing a well-established track record of delivering top-notch projects on time

  • Integrity

    Allocating and dedicating adequate resources and time to understand and conduct the research required to meet each client’s unique needs

  • Multidisciplinary Expertise

    Taking a holistic approach to our work, with in-house specialists in architecture, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering

The Team

Specialists from the fields of engineering, architecture, and sustainable building design
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Nic Chin

Director & Co-Founder
B.Eng Mechanical Engineering (Hons) | GBIF, GreenRE Manager
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Ir. Alex Cheah

B.Eng Electrical Engineering (Hons) l P.Eng , MIEM , GBIF
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B.Eng Mechanical Engineering(Hons) l P.Eng , MIEM , GBIF , GreenRE Manager
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Ar. Beryl Tee

Design Architect
B.Sc. Housing, Building, Planning | Bachelor Architecture | GreenRE Manager
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Lee Chee Kin

Enviromental Sustainable Design Consultant
B.Eng Environmental l Green Mark Manager
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Alvin Cheong

Senior Consultant
B.Eng Mechanical Engineering l Green Mark Professional, GBIF

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